The great outdoors

So today started off with me heading to Garigal National Park. By recommendation by my sister, since it isn’t as far as the blue mountains and shorter. In fact it was very short, but a workout nonetheless. So it starts on Cascades Track and you turn off at the second […]

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Wedding #5 | Great Locations

Wedding yesterday was a nice one. Started at brides place, moved onto the church at Mona Vale, then to Balmoral Beach for some formal shorts, and finally to Gunner’s Barracks for reception. Gunner’s Barracks was a very nice location. Great view of the harbour. Here are a few pics: Loving […]

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Wedding #2 | Scorcher

Past few days have been very long and very sore. Sore of course from capoeira which only means I worked hard during the class. It has been a long time coming – should be fine by tomorrow. So starting on friday, had work as usual, quieter day than usual. Finally […]

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